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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

2014 - The Best Worst Year Of My Life

It sounds very cliche, but if anyone would have told me exactly this time last year what would happen over the following 12 months, I wouldn't have believed a word they were saying!
2014 has been an incredibly rough ride for me. From break up's and heartache to deaths to university problems to family issues to moving house and pretty much having a full blown lifestyle change, this year has certainly been my toughest so far. I would be bitter about it, but I had a few very good years in a row so I suppose it was my time to have a bit of a rubbish one!
Despite the roller coaster ride I feel like I've been on since January, this has also been an amazing year, purely for how the negatives have somehow incredibly helped me in various ways. Looking back at this time last year, I feel like a different person! That girl was naive, didn't have a clue what she wanted from life in general and the main happiness in her life was a boy - a million miles away from where I am now.
With everything happening this year, I felt like it all gave me a chance to step back and almost see things from a different perspective and about half way through the year, I thought to myself that I seriously had to buck up my ideas and GET A GRIP. 'Get a grip' is advice that I'd always said to others, yet never took it myself, and you know what? It helped, a lot.
A sudden rush of motivation and energy hit me around that point and suddenly, I was thinking about my future and making plans and I began to think very carefully about what I wanted from my final year of university and what I needed to do to succeed. By taking a step back, I focused on myself and just learnt more about myself than ever before; the type of person I want to be and who I should surround myself with. By focusing on myself and being quite selfish for a few months, I began to get back on track and soon I was smiling again and throwing my energy into things that matter instead of worries which aren't going to mean anything to me in six months time.
Relationship wise, I've been single since March now, and although it really felt like the end of the world at the time, I'm actually glad that it ended when it did. Being single (this is the longest I've been single since I was 15!) has done me the world of good. I always felt like I needed that special someone in my life, but I really don't! I've become very content by myself now and I actually really enjoy my own company these days and just having a few hours to myself each day means that I'm not going out of my mind and therefore, I'm a lot more chilled than the person I was last year. By not constantly feeling like I need a boyfriend, I've become more relaxed when talking to guys and I think this year I have mastered the art of just not caring what a guys opinion is of me - the most important opinion of yourself that you should let affect you is your own. I also know i'm not going to be 'Forever Alone', but if I'm meant to be with someone, then it will happen in its own time, it can't be forced and I'm OK with that now.
2015 is the most terrifying thought to me right now. The year will see me finish university, graduate, and then somehow attempt to get myself a job in the industry I wish to be in. It will be the first year of my life so far where I really do not know what is going to happen, where I will be and what my situation will be this time next year. For years, it has been just the next year of education, and suddenly its all going to be over. This thought scares the hell out of me and yet, I'm so excited to throw myself into the unknown and see where on earth it takes me. 2015 also means a lot of hard work, a months work experience in January, a dissertation to write and everything else which comes along with the pleasure that is third year. However, I feel that I'm finally in a place that I can do this if I just put my mind to it.
This year, I have seen so much and done so much and I'm so glad I eventually stopped feeling sorry for myself, stopped moping around the house and got out there, meeting new people and experiencing new things.
I'm so glad to be surrounded by a loving, healthy family and just the most amazing friends, and god only knows where I'd be now if they all hadn't have been there for me this year. So I'm ending 2014 with a lovely cold, a bottle of Amaretto ready for my night out and a clear view of what I want from the coming year. I'm a stronger, more independent person now and I wouldn't be like that if the up's and down's of the past year hadn't have happened.
Finally, thank you for all of those who have been reading my blog this year and I hope to blog much more in the new year. I hope each and every one of you has a very happy new year and all the best for 2015 :)


Wednesday, 24 December 2014

LIFE: The Soundtrack Of My Life

It all sounds rather cliche to say 'music is my life' but for me, music really is such a huge part of who I am and my wide range of interests. I've been such a huge fan of lots of different genres for many years as I have grown up and so when I stumbled into this TAG post which I saw on the fabulous Hollie's blog (www.goodgollymisshollie.co.uk) I just had to take part; I send my apologies to you in advance for my rambling and the fact that I cannot actually pick just one song for each, oops.

Song you listen to when you're happy?

One song I always listen to when i'm feeling happy is always 'Roll With It' of course by the incredible Oasis. The lyrics always get me so pumped and you know that feeling when you can just do anything?! That song makes me feel like that EVERY TIME. 
Sam Smith has become one of my favourite artists this year and 'Like I Can' is my favourite by far on his debut album. Not only do I adore the lyrics, it's just so upbeat and fun. 
Paolo Nutini is the word 'perfection' in male form in my eyes, his song 'Simple Things' is one that is always played when I'm feeling happy and it's that lovely little reminder to be happy for the little things from time to time. 

Song you listen to when you're sad?

'Cornerstone' by Arctic Monkeys. Every single time. I absolutely adore the song and I love how each time I listen to it, I pick up on something new that I hadn't noticed in the song before. The lyrics mean so much to me so when I'm feeling a little down, Cornerstone is always thrown on.

What song will you have at your wedding?

I don't want to seem like I've thought too much about this, but lets just say I'm fairly prepared! I would love to have 'God Only Knows' by The Beach Boys in there somewhere, as well as Lana Del Ray's 'Young and Beautiful' - they are both purely for how much I adore the lyrics.
I would also love an acoustic/jazzy version of Michael Jackson's 'Pretty Young Thing' in there too, I absolutely LOVE the song and I think it would be a fun song to have. 
I have always pictured my first dance being to Frank Sinatra's 'Let There Be Love', its the perfect love song which isn't too soppy and any song that can include lyrics about chilli con carne and sneezing in is right up my street.  

What song do you dance around the house to?

The songs I always seem to dance around my room to are The Black Keys 'Lonely Boy', Foals 'My Number' and Blondie 'Atomic' - they're all upbeat and perfect for going from putting clothes away and cleaning my desk to getting on with work and sorting folders out!

Song you play on your headphones when you're out and about?

My lovely Dad drives me and my stuff from home to Liverpool quite a bit and we always play Elton John's 'Rocket Man'. It's weird really, neither of us actually put it on, it will just come on off my Spotify and we just have that moment of appreciating it for a few minutes. 
I'm on a train going from A-Z quite a lot and funnily enough, there are three songs which I listen to without a doubt on every train journey I'm on. The one is 'Dakota' by Stereophonics.
Another is 'Fireside' by Arctic Monkeys; I remember first properly listening to Fireside when I was on a journey from Liverpool to Leeds and the rhythm of the song just fitted in so well of the flowing between hills and countryside and every time I listen to it, I remember the scenery and the relaxed feeling I had in that moment.
'Simple As This' by Jake Bugg is not only one of my favourite songs ever but I never, ever get a train back home without listening to it. The lyrics are perfect and although the song may be about a girl or whatever, I see it in my own little way and it just reminds me of family and being at home.

Song you listen to when you're angry?

Without a doubt, 'Do Me A Favour' by Arctic Monkeys. Very, very loud and just proper scream along with it every single time. It's brilliant. 

Song you would have at your funeral?

I absolutely love the song 'Pure Imagination' from Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory, I think a slow, acoustic version of that would be amazing. 
I'd also love for 'April Come She Will' by Simon and Garfunkel to make an appearance too as well as The La's 'There She Goes', purely because I think it would be quite funny and I'd like people to not sit around and sob the whole of my funeral, you know!

Song that makes you lose your shit at a party?

If you want to see me go a bit mad and just have a proper jolly good time at a party, then play the following:

Red Hot Chilli Peppers - 'By The Way
Oasis - 'Cigarettes and Alcohol'
Pulp - 'Common People'
Rolling Stones - '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction'

I would genuinely need a little nap after those, I love them THAT much.

The last song you listened to?

The last two songs I listened to were 'The Prophet' by Jamie T and 'Did You Hear The Rain' by George Ezra. Two of my favourite artists at the moment, both off my two favourite albums of the last few months. Absolutely superb fella's. 

Your karaoke song?

I think when it comes to karaoke, the more cheesier it is, the better! I don't exactly go to karaoke bars on a weekly basis, but I do think that if I was handed a mic right now, I would sing a real karaoke classic like Take That's 'Back For Good', people would sing along and would distract them from my terrible singing. 

What song do you work out to?

When it comes to working out, I would choose to blast a bit of Calvin Harris. I would normally go for 'I Need Your Love' or 'Thinking About You' or even a golden oldie of the very fit Scottish man 'I'm Not Alone'. Duke Dumont's 'Need U (100%)' would almost definitely get a play too.

Song with the most memories attached?

There has not been one night out in the whole nearly 3 years I've been at university where R Kelly's 'Ignition' hasn't been played, it is a real classic and it just gets everyone in the mood to go out and we all have a singalong. 
'If I Had A Gun' by Noel Gallaghers High Flying Birds is one of my favourites but also brings back so many memories. Its one of those songs that I can either listen to it and smile or listen to it and burst into tears, so its a real mixture of emotions every time I listen to it.

Song that you hate the most?

I really, really hate pretty much any song sang by Demi Lovato, I don't even mind the girl as a person, just hate her whiny annoying voice in sickeningly cliche songs, 
For some reason, I've always hated Sandi Thom's 'I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker' too, even though I very, very rarely hear it nowadays, I just can't stand it!

Your favourite song of all time?

I have always just adored The Cure's 'Friday I'm In Love', The Beatles 'Can't Buy Me Love' and Arctic Monkeys '505' - they all have their own little special meanings to me and I will never get bored of them, I would happily listening to them on loop for the rest of my days if I had to!

Saturday, 20 December 2014

Love Life: First Dates

I think its time to write about something that we can all relate to - a love life - because we all have one or all probably want one. Lets face it, we are all fairly nosey really aren't we? So I'm writing this, with a little help from my friend Gemma - we often sit and discuss all things 'love', complain about the in's and out's of it and feel like between us, we can compare notes and really get into the nitty gritty sometimes AWFUL situations of a FIRST DATE.

I'd say my first 'real' first date was when I was 15. Obviously before turning 18, first dates are quite a challenge, as there really is nowhere to go (well, there definitely isn't in the town of Kidderminster anyway) If I remember correctly, we went for a summer walk down the canal and went to a tea room and I had a chocolate milkshake, it was very sweet and very innocent and yes, he did become my boyfriend. First dates are a completely different matter when you're a little older though, it's not just about the 'cuteness' and you may go in there having absolutely no idea about what it could be like. Before I get into what me and Gemma think a first date should really consist of, we'll just tell you a little about our own personal first date experiences - good and very, very bad.

For the sake of this post, we will not use real names, no sticky situations please! Lets refer to our subjects as fruit and vegetables..

Gemma met Mr Parsnip in the summer. She met him on a night out, romantically in the smoking area. They picked up on similar interests such as music on this encounter and soon they were texting and arranging to meet up. Mr Parsnip took Gemma to a comedy club - firstly, what a cracking idea! Not only did Mr Parsnip pay for it all as he had to pre-book it showing organisation and this gave them both an opportunity to see each others humour and have a good chat about themselves. The first date went very well. They arranged to meet up again and he dropped her home. Despite the instant connection between the two of them and how impressed Gemma was with his planning, forward thinking and just general effort, the spark had definitely sizzled out by the end of the summer.

Something like a comedy club is a really good idea for a first date, its relaxed and just fun. A date that I went on around two years ago was similar, we went for a few drinks and then to a gig at a small, intimate venue. Dates like that make such a good change to 'lets grab a coffee' or 'fancy a few drinks in town?'.

I'd say my first bad dating experience was when I was 17. I'd met Mr Carrot through mutual friends and as you do, got talking on Facebook and we planned a day down at the river in a town nearby and just seeing where the day took us. I cannot stress how important it is to not lie to someone you are taking on a date - if you say you can drive and have a car, its probably best to also add that its actually your mum's car and the back seat is full of cuddly bears. The whole experience was a nightmare to put it nicely to be honest! He didn't say a word to me all day. I understand that he could have been a bit shy or nervous, but I mean not a single word. It was, hands down, to this day, the most awkward situation I've ever been in - and I've managed to get myself into some right pickles over the years. I hate to admit it, but I had to find a way out, when you're that young its a bit difficult to say 'I want to go home' flat out, so admittedly I did text Gemma with a 'get me out of this date right now' - obviously she helped out and soon I was tucked up on her sofa with a cuppa tea just hoping it would all blow over.

I'm not pleased with myself that I had to get Gemma to get me out of a date, but sometimes they really are THAT awkward - and that is also not the only time Gemma has had to do that (3 times actually, oops)

Awkward situations are always a lot of fun aren't they. Gemma's one is particularly one of my favourites. A charming boy, lets call him Mr Melon, took Gemma for a drink in Starbucks and then went for a bite to eat at Ed's Diner. A few days later, she discussed the date with a friend. The friend had also been on a similar date a few days before and they both compared notes. Similar actually isn't the word, because the date was the exact same date with the EXACT same guy! Even the timing of meeting, where about's, possibly even the food he ordered. What an amazing imagination that guy must have!

A good first date experience for me was with Mr Potato. We simply went for a few relaxed drinks and then an evening stroll through the city. Despite after a few of these dates with Mr Potato, the spark just wasn't there. However, that doesn't change the fact that I actually had a really good time on the first date. It was so relaxed and we had some really interesting conversations, it wasn't once awkward or boring and I probably could have easily had stayed with him for a few more hours. A good flow of conversation is absolutely vital on a first date.

Between me and Gemma, we have pages and pages of the types of experiences above. However, we thought it was important when discussing first dates to really understand what a first date should really be like. From the place to the clothes - take note if you're a first date fresher:

Style:  You never want to be OTT on a first date. But you also don't want to look like you've just rolled out of bed. Strike a balance! On a first date I went on, he showed up in a hoodie and jeans - its a first date when impressions really do actually count, so put a bit of effort in! Girls, I really do think that on a first date your style should be, in a way, quite reserved. Obviously wear what you feel comfortable and attractive in, I do however think that the boobs should be a little covered up on a first date - nobody wants someone just talking to their assets for the whole night do they!


History: I can't stress this enough; don't sit and talk about your ex all night. It really is just SO cringey. If you're moaning about the type of person they were and just how awful your previous relationship was, that actually says a lot about the type of person you are and also suggests that you're not over them, so probably shouldn't be on a date, A first date is not an agony aunt session, just keep it to yourself for now eh. It's also best not to bring up any 'bad dates' you've been on - all the other person will be thinking is, on your next date with someone else, am I going to be the 'bad date' they went on?!

Blah Blah Blah Me Me Me: The whole concept of a first date is to get to know each other, but not to tell that someone your life story. A first date isn't the time or place to discuss personal family matters, a friend's drama or what you often eat for lunch. Ask questions. Be curious. Talking about yourself and yourself only is a huge turn off and makes you look very uninterested in the other person. Do they look bored? Do they suddenly have wondering eyes? Who can blame them, you've just sat and described your goldfish to them for the last 15 minutes. Ask them about things, anything that comes to mind, just strike the balance of an equal conversation, then you get a good flow.

Social Media: Chances are, you're probably most likely Facebook friends with the person you're dating. That is OK. However, its probably best to hold back on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Tumblr, Pinterest, Bebo, MySpace, Blogger, Club Penguin and Vine for now. You don't know where this date could take you - if there's no spark and you're not interested and have no desire to meet them again, then you now look like a bit of an idiot really, I had a funny situation of coming across tweets from someone I was about to go on a date with. They were among the lines of 'So nervous, haven't been on a date in so long' - from this, I made presumptions on what he was like and his love life. Knowing he was nervous, made me nervous. By getting to know someone inside out on social media before actually going on a first date, you make presumptions on everything about them, when they could be completely different in person. Its also hard to open your mind up to someone when you already know little bits of information that you've rummaged together whilst checking out their social media. Just be patient for now.

Location: I would personally suggest to go somewhere which isn't too loud but also isn't completely dead. Somewhere comfortable where you can just chill out and have a nice time. I think its fine if you want to start off somewhere chilled and then head somewhere a little louder as you will have chatted and began to get to know each other beforehand. Perhaps a bar or a cafe, just be aware of what is happening around the time of the date - Is the football going to be on in the bar? Is there an open mic on that night? Don't be weird about it, just be aware!

Kissing: Well, I personally think that it is completely your decision, if there's a spark there, then why the hell not! I'd just suggest to not make a big deal about it and just see what happens.

and finally..
ENJOY YOURSELF! Its ONLY a date and dating is supposed to be fun. I've met some really interesting people through dating over the last few years, some who I'd class as friends now and some who'd I'd never, ever choose to see again. You don't know where it could take you, so just enjoy yourself, don't take it too seriously, just have a good time and see what comes from it.

Friday, 21 November 2014

Jamie T in Liverpool - Review

Here is my review which I wrote for JMU Journalism - http://jmu-journalism.org.uk/review-jamie-t-at-liverpool-guild/


Singer-songwriter Jamie T ended his UK tour in Liverpool this week with a performance that was better than ever at Liverpool’s Guild of Students.
After a five year break, fans of the Wimbledon-born star questioned if he would ever return to music. However, the summer saw a new sound from the 28 year-old in the form of ‘Don’t You Find’ and a brand new album ‘Carry On The Grudge’ that was released in September.
With the release of second single ‘Zombie’, Jamie T fever has begun sweeping across the country once again and sold out shows from north to south.
It’s amazing to see just how grounded he has stayed throughout his success – NME award-winning and various nominations. Yet he’s the type of guy you can imagine going for a drink with and discussing everything from music to politics.
He’s a normal guy from South London wearing a shirt and hat on stage, cracking a few jokes with a Liverpool crowd that was incredibly diverse – young and old, die-hard to new, and filling every inch of the surprisingly large venue.
He made his name back in 2007 with the sound of summer ‘Sheila’, a song straight off his debut album with lyrics that were honest yet witty. It was hard to ignore a sound which screamed ‘British youth culture’ and it’s understandable why the album ‘Panic Prevention’, along with his second album ‘Kings & Queens’, have become true indie classics.
At LGSO there was a huge range of songs from golden oldies and classics such as ‘Salvador’, ‘368’ and ‘Emily’s Heart’ to new material like ‘The Prophet’ and ‘Turn on the Light’. Fans sang every line back to the singer and his backing band ‘The Pacemakers’.
The crowd went wild for Panic Prevention tune ‘If You Got The Money’ and before the headliner thanked the crowd for coming and asking if we’d had a decent time, he ended with an insane encore of his biggest hits to date; ‘Sheila’, ‘Zombie’ and ‘Sticks ‘N’ Stones’.
Every song sang live was not even similar, but better than the album versions. It was a real treat for fans who felt like they’d waited so long to see him back in action.
It seems a break for Jamie T did the world of good; he’s back with an incredible new album, is having a great time on stage and is quite simply, better than ever.

Saturday, 25 October 2014

Eliza and the Bear - Interview

The other week, I interviewed the lovely Eliza and the Bear for Looprevil Radio - honestly the nicest guys and their gig after the interview was so good! I can't stop listening to them since. I loved 'Friends' before I met them and now I particularly love 'Talk' and 'It Gets Cold' off their 'Light It Up' EP - I really recommend having a good listen to these guys!

You can listen to my interview with them here -

OR if you would rather watch me in action and also see a clip of their song 'Light It Up' live, you can watch the interview here -


little catch up...

I haven't got round to having a good old blogging sesh in ages! Every time I've gone to do it recently, something pops up, so lets have a little catch up...

Last time I wrote, I was about to move back to Liverpool for my final year of university - so far, so good. Just a little stressful. The course is going fairly smoothly, at the moment anyway, did not anticipate just how much my dissertation would slowly take over my life though! I'm enjoying Radio though as well as PR.

One thing, and this is possibly the biggest reason as to why i'm in a completely different boat this year, is the fact that I am not saying NO to anything - any opportunity coming my way at the moment I am SO game and wanting to get involved, whereas with other years I've stood back a bit. This year, there's just nothing holding me back really - I think I've just remembered why I'm actually in Liverpool, for a degree and therefore I need to grasp it with both hands don't I and stop worrying about other situations!

Exciting things that have happened since being back in the pool include becoming an Entertainment Reporter for JMU Journalism - it has definitely made me be more aware of potential stories and whats going on to report on. Me and Hannah also became Street Style reporters for the Liverpool Echo which is so much fun and so good to see our name's in print in the local paper!

Me and Andrew are also back to do our radio show which I always love doing, we have such a laugh coming up with all the ideas and making the playlist. You can tune in on a Tuesday night 7-9pm on Looprevil Radio - www.looprevilradio.co.uk - or find Looprevil on TuneIn.

Other radio news, last week I attended the 'Foot in the Door' event at The Lowry at Media City in Salford - it was so good to meet loads of different people in the industry. The next day I went along to Media City again and recorded a professional demo with BBC 6 Music - aka my favourite station! It was pretty great, and my radio hero/love of my life GREG JAMES was in the studio at the same time as me, which made me a nervous wreck, but also sent my imagination into overdrive and made me think of what it could be like actually working at a big station like that - exciting!

Liverpool Life 3:4 ISSUU
In January, we have to secure placements for the month. Luckily, this week I managed to get 2 sorted; one week at my local station Signal 107 back home and two weeks at Key 103 in Manchester. I secured the Key 103 one by finding myself in a lecture about local radio after my 6 music experience. The lecture was really interesting and I ended up talking to one of the speakers over twitter after - after a few emails, bammm placement sorted, superb! It goes to show that in the broadcasting industry, a lot of it is about who you know.

What I'm most looking forward to in the next few weeks is the Halloween party we are having at our big haunted house and the following Thursday, when Gemma is coming to stay for the weekend because we're off to Manchester to see our man Paolo Nutini yeeeeaaaah!

Stay tuned for a few blog posts coming in the next week, i'll get back on track from now :) 


Monday, 15 September 2014

my week on instagram

peach lemonade at the baltic social | me, hannah & kayleigh having a jolly good time | me before the night got wild | me and hannah pre drink selfie | liverpool from the top of the liver building last weekend | me and ellie pre drinking | monday night selfie | ellie came to stay with me in liverpool for a few days | filming the one show at the top of the liver building | my bbc wristband | my beagle is beautiful | can't beat a classic line from gavin and stacey.

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Summer 2014: Reflecting

Although I have been up and down to Liverpool the last few weekends, this Saturday I will be moving back 'for good' in time for my 3rd year of university to commence; so its time for a reflection post really isn't it!

Beginning of summer seems a bit of a blur now - I moved home around mid-may, soon after exams had finished and returned to my hometown. I had originally moved back to start a barmaid job in a nearby town, but after far too many phone call's and email's about when I would start, I shrugged it off and attempted to find another job - if a company isn't going to be organised with you before you even start there, then what the hell is it going to be like working for them?!

Soon after, I headed down to London to spend a few days with my friend Joy. We went to Finsbury Park and saw Arctic Monkeys (of course, they were amazing, as always) and then explored around Notting Hill the following day, we made a trip to one of my favorite places ever too; Portobello Road - seriously where dreams are made! I picked up a few things, including my best friend Ellie's 20th birthday present:

"If souls could speak, this is probably what they would say: 'stop worrying! you can do it. give yourself a break, you deserve it. Trust - why not? What are you waiting for? Stop caring what others think. Do it! Enjoy it! Oh yes, and one more small thing, I don't know how long i'm going to be in your body for, so for God's sake, make the most of it!"

I just completely fell in love with it and I just had to give it to Ellie. The thing is, I was a different person to who I am now at the beginning of the summer. At the start of summer, I was just so down; I was still incredibly broken after an awful break-up, I was drained from the past year of university and exams and I felt as if I was on some kind of emotional roller-coaster - I was, quite frankly, a mess. I was so desperate to get back the person who I was and perhaps an even better version. I wanted to open my mind up, see new things and just, quite simply, get over myself! Because when you're stuck in a rut, its difficult to see past your own problems and remember whats out there.

Luckily, my sister managed to get me a job soon after I came back from London. To say that the job was exactly what I needed would be a complete understatement - it completely took my mind off stuff for 9 hours of the day and I found myself getting a real buzz for it. I got a taste for what a real job after university is like (I have previously only worked in a bar and McDonalds) and I found it really helpful in not only making me question more what I want from my degree and what i'd like to do after university, but also the money which gave me the freedom to do things and see stuff over the summer. If you want to check out what I've been working on over the summer then have a look on the website I worked on; www.tshirtable.co.uk - I also did all the social media, marketing and all that kind of stuff, as well as actually making the garments - making me actually really looking forward to studying PR in my 3rd year. To be honest, it was nice to just not work in a fast food joint and constantly smell of cheeseburgers.

I spent a weekend in Bristol too, and it was around that time when I started clicking into my old self again - I stayed with my friend Jake (yes we went out when I was 15/16 but we are just friends now, promise!) and had a great time. It was so nice to visit somewhere i'd never been before and the place is actually pretty great. It was a weird feeling but I felt like I was cut off from the real world when I was there because everything is so so so relaxed and cool and it just has the best vibe. I just have to visit again some day.

Among some great days and nights with my friends and family, my favorite week had to be my birthday celebrations! I had an amazing meal with Ellie the night before I turned 20 and on my actual birthday, I celebrated in Manchester. Manchester is my favorite UK city and I hope to live there one day. After spending a few hours in the Northern Quarter, I have realized that the place is quite simply my soul mate - everything about it! Luckily, i'm not far away from there being at university in Liverpool so i'll be popping there a few times in the next few months. My birthday night out was also, pretty amazing! I also went on tons of cute day trips - I just love seeing new things and exploring new places.

This summer has been a real eye-opener for me. I've managed to do so much with some amazing people. I've also dealt with some more life changes but I feel so much better than what I did at the beginning of summer. I'm being much more positive about things, appreciating people more and looking forward to the future. I've also been able to spend time by myself and think about what I really want from not only my last year at uni, but in the next few years. All I did was take a step back, looked at situations for what they really are and quite simply, got a grip and told myself there's more to life than moping about over things that aren't going to change. But the main things that are important for my final year are staying on track with my workload and working hard, and having the best year living with my best mates - and going absolutely mental in freshers, of course.

(I hope to add photo's to this blog post but my laptop currently doesn't like me!)



Tuesday, 2 September 2014

a little letter to the sky

I used to run up the driveway, through your kitchen, past your chair and look at grandads music collection, asking just what the 'rat pack' was and if I could join. The distinct smell would hit you like a brick as soon as you walked into the lounge and I remember how mom would bath me and hannah after we'd been at yours to get rid of the smell of cigarettes and tobacco. Fast forward a few years and I remember sitting in my aunty's lounge and you not replying when I said hello. 'Nan?' I said again, and no reply, no reply from my nanny parker. It was up and down for a few years and soon there was just nothing - absolutely nothing. A relationship between a nan and her grandchild has disappeared and it was suddenly like you'd moved to the other side of the world - I knew you were there but I couldn't get to you. But you lived 15 minutes away - tops. Mom only told me the whole story a few years ago and I guess for around the last 5/6 years I've simply referred to you as 'my mom's mom' or if people asked how many grandparents I asked, I simply wouldn't count you, because you were just a woman, having amazing relationships with all my cousins and family and having no connection to me. You would probably struggle to point me out in a crowd wouldn't you? You asked me and Hannah to meet up with you and I denied - i denied because I wanted you to be taught a lesson - you cannot simply walk in and out of people's lives. And once - once in how many years you tried to get in touch - 'she doesn't want it enough' I would say. When you sent a card with £20 in to my niece last year soon after she was born, my heart broke. All I could think about was how many cards you had failed to give your grandchild over the years - 'congratulations for getting into university Beth' 'happy 18th birthday sweetheart' - nothing. You soon became the witch who couldn't put aside a silly family issue from years ago to even congratulate her granddaughter, I felt worthless and just nothing to you. And it was at that point I thought, that woman hasn't just broken your heart, she broke it years ago when she couldn't even say hello to an 8 year old sat innocently watching the TV with a plate of beans on toast. See, the thing is nan, for years I put on this front of 'she doesn't care about me why should I care about her' and yet all I wanted you to do was to pick up the phone and ask me how I'd been, all I wanted was a 'what happened wasn't your fault and I'm sorry you got caught up in it' but yet I'd sit there with my other grandparents and claim that I 'didn't need you'. When mom told me last December that you had cancer, I felt blank. And I felt a bit blank about the situation for months after, unsure of what to do - do I go and see you? I knew you were getting sicker and I questioned if I should say my goodbyes - but I didn't, I put it all to the side and assumed there was all the time in the world to say bye for now, nan. Just over two weeks ago, mom told me you'd died. And I reacted in a way I never thought I would - I cried. I cried, and cried, and cried. I felt guilt push down on me and I was angry with myself for not finding it within myself to go and see you in your last weeks. But then I felt guilty for crying - crying about someone I hadn't seen in a few years, even spoke to, even had a relationship with. Your grandchildren sobbed away and reminisced on all these lovely memories with you and there was me, crying because I hadn't had that. I hadn't had the relationship with you that I'd yearned for. But the thing is nan, I think we both know that the whole situation got out of hand and that when you asked me to go for a coffee I probably should have gone, but that's the funny thing, I'm a lot like you really aren't i, I was stubborn like you not to go and I've been stubborn about a relationship with you for years - so perhaps were just both in the wrong here. I'm not going to blame myself for something that happened between you and another family member years ago, but I'm not going to be angry anymore with you either and I reckon we are both sorry to each other at the end of the day. Nan, despite everything, you are family and I love you, because that's what family do really isn't it, they love each other. I will see you again one day but for now nan, rest peacefully and night night. xxx

Monday, 1 September 2014

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'Back In Liverpool' - beautiful stained glass in the anglican cathedral | chilling down at the docks | sat in the sunshine reading the skinny | left a little note for the big guy up in the sky | appreciating seeing this at the end of my new street | loving life with homemade lemonade at the baltic social | standard saturday selfie | Gemma embracing her inner MJ | couldn't resist this cheeky arctic monkeys reference in the taxi.

Friday, 29 August 2014

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playing with my niece, even though she prefers a basket on her head instead of her mini kitchen | archie the cat appreciation selfie | kidderminster girls out for Vivian's 20th birthday | me and Ellie a few weeks ago | I am Rodney from only fools and horses | completed one of the many walls in my new university house room | sleepy selfie | seel street, liverpool selfie | love my 'how to be lovely' book, such a good read | George Ezra vibessss loving this fella | strawberries in bed | RIP Robin Williams, what a hero.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

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Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Life: Living with a Thyroid condition

I'm doing this post as firstly, I thought it was about time i did a personal post, secondly, not many people seem to be aware of this, and thirdly, if anyone asks me about what i have, i can simply send them this way!

I think it was when i was 14 or 15 when i finally got told that I had an Underactive Thyroid. After months of being told that the way I was feeling at the time could be down to Diabetes and a range of different things, I was told and I could finally begin to understand what I was going through and what I was going to have to endure for the rest of my life.

Your Thyroid is your biggest gland in your neck and it looks a little bit like a butterfly, two wings with left and right lobes wrapping around the trachea. The function of the thyroid is to make the thyroid hormone, this hormone affects nearly all tissues in the body and the main function is to regulate the body's metabolism.

With a Thyroid condition, you can suffer with either an Overactive Thyroid or an Underactive Thyroid. With an overactive, the hormone speeds up the body's metabolism which can trigger symptoms like anxiety, hyperactivity, nervousness, weight loss, swelling of the thyroid gland noticeable on the neck. However, I suffer from an Underactive Thyroid:

An Underactive Thyroid basically means that your thyroid gland does not produce enough hormones. The most common signs of an underactive thyroid are:

weight gain
being sensitive to the cold
dry skin and hair
muscle aches

It was with these symptoms that I first went to the doctor; I was tired all the time to the point that I struggled to make it through the day without having at least two naps and school, where I was studying my GCSE's at the time, just became a nightmare. I was also just so so hungry all the time before I started controlling my thyroid; lunch was just never enough and I was snacking like the world was ending tomorrow! I still suffer from all of the symptoms, but they are more controlled now. 

An Underactive Thyroid is not usually majorly serious and the way I have to control it is by taking a daily hormone tablet called Thyroxine - the dosage of this tablet goes purely off how much the thyroid affects your body, but at the moment I have to take 120mg of the tablet daily, this will most likely increase the older i get. When i first started taking the tablet, I started on 25mg and I have had to take a higher dosage over the years.

I suggest that if you have any of the above symptoms, then please go to your GP - many symptoms of an underactive thyroid are often confused for something else and therefore many times can be unnoticed for years. However, if your doctor suggests that you may a thyroid condition, you'll most likely have to have a blood test to find out. Funnily enough I had a huge fear of needles before I got diagnosed with a thyroid condition, but now i'm so used to them its ridiculous.

If untreated, it can lead to complications like heart disease and pregnancy problems, so if you think you may suffer from this, then take my advice and get down to your doctor!

Another thing that came along with the whole Underactive thing i've got going on was losing pigments in my skin, in other words, a Vitiligo Skin Disorder. There are loads of different ways to why you may lose pigments in your skin but people with an Underactive thyroid are more prone to it, hence why I have it!

I first noticed losing pigments in my skin when i was 14 when I noticed I had a white patch around my eye, for ages I thought it was just a dodgy sun tan! However, it got worse and I soon learnt that it connected with my thyroid condition. The most frequent pigment loss is irregular white patches which develop all over the body, the most common being in areas on the face, hands, legs and arms but you can spot them anywhere really! The loss of skin pigments happens when melanocytes either do not function properly or die.

This website says; http://www.curevitiligooil.com/Vitiligo-Skin-Disorder.html -

"Vitiligo skin disorder may also be caused by stress that affects the immune system. The disturbed immune system may lead the body to react. As a result, skin starts losing its pigment. Vitiligo affects facial and body while hair on the scalp may affect the color of the hair, leaving white patches or streaks. Individuals with vitiligo are also somewhat more prone to other such autoimmune diseases as alopecia areata, Addison's disease, autoimmune thyroid disorders, diabetes mellitus, and pernicious anemia just to name a few."

my one hand, this is probably the most noticable

my wrist, not so obvious here
white patches around my eyes

I actually forget all about my 'skin disorder' most of the time and i actually only remember i have it when someone points it out - its usually among the lines of 'whats wrong with your hand?' or 'haha that's a dodgy sun tan you'll have to get back out into the sun to even that out' - its actually quite amusing telling them that it is a genuine condition that i have! The main reason I don't think about it is because i'm used to it, and it doesn't bother me. A few people have asked if it bothers me and a few ask if its the same thing that Michael Jackson suffered from, like i seem to automatically know all about MJ's private life - but i've come to accept that this is just something I will always have and it will get worse, but it could be A LOT worse and its not the end of the world. Actually, an ex-boyfriend of mine actually liked it and said it made me different and who i am, which is a nice way to look at it i guess. I have not found a way to 'cure' my Vitiligo but to be honest, as it really doesn't bother me that much i'm not exactly obsessed with the idea of putting tons of chemicals into me to cure something that doesn't keep me up at night!

I have lost skin pigments all over my body, my photo's are just ones in obvious areas where people can see! Shouldn't really strip off for the sake of a blog post should i!

I didn't want to make this post so boring and 'professional', however its difficult to make body conditions sound hilarious really isn't it?! The main concept of this post is to spread awareness though and I really hope that if anyone reading this thinks they have either one of the conditions that I have and spoken about, that you get yourself down to the GP and get yourself sorted.

Also, if you think you may suffer from either of these, then please don't go off my experiences - this is what has come out of it for me but you may be suffering from something else, the best thing to do is to seek advice from a professional. However, if you would like to discuss anything with me , please do not hesitate to get in touch!


Monday, 11 August 2014

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me and the girls having a few drinks before heading to birmingham | reunited with beth woody for my birthday night out | cute dinner party chilling with jonah | ross saying my life in a nutshell | obsessed with the jelly fish tanks at the national sea life center, birmingham | penguins at the sea life center | i found nemo and all his pals toooo | made myself a kasabian inspired 'les-tah' t-shirt at work | chill time in snazzy pj's | all cosy in my new bedroom watching The Holiday | shameless selfie in my new shirt which looks like something out of only fools and horses | saying goodbye to little number 14

Life Changes: Moving House

On Friday 1st August, me and my mum left our little white terraced house which had been our home for 12 years. It was a completely bitter-sweet experience, as although I was excited for me and especially my mum to have a fresh start somewhere new, I also couldn't help but get all nostalgic and reflect on the past 12 years and i did of course get a bit emotional; as after all, that house was the longest one i'd ever lived in, we moved in when i was just 8 years old, so it really is the house that i grew up in. SO many memories there, like in that house, i cried in the bath when i was 12 years old because my mum wouldn't buy me Pussycat Dolls tickets (cringe!), but lets not go into the embarrassing life of Bethan Tolley.

So we stayed in the same town, but we did move to a different area of it. I personally prefer the area of our new house, its not so close to the town center as my previous house, making it a lot more quieter. It is also not opposite a pub which means no awful karaoke or people arguing outside after a few too many pints! This house is also bigger than our old one, which obviously makes a nice change - i'm so used to living in a little house its actually quite the change. However, what I don't like is the fact that the bathroom is downstairs! Sounds silly, but its actually pretty difficult to get used to, and believe me its no fun and games when you're searching for light switches in the middle of the night! But I do like the high ceilings and the original fireplaces in the bedrooms, so much character! Its actually not as old as my previous house, the old house was built in 1900 but this one (which has a stone outside stating) was built in 1905. The new house came equipped with a brand new kitchen and bathroom too, what a treat :)

As our new house is rented, we need to wait a while to make any drastic changes to it. Despite this, me and my mum have tried our hardest to make our new home as homely and comfortable as possible, despite not being huge fans of the wallpaper and the horrific over-use of borders - borders are the number one decor and interior crime in my opinion. My new furniture for my new bedroom is coming at the end of this week, so when that is all in i can pack my clothes away and my room will finally all be unpacked and finished!

Luckily, the house move went surprisingly smooth and with a little help of my friend Gemma, we figured out how to put curtains up and how to attach lamp shades (i had no idea how complicated these things were!). Everything is slowly becoming together and i think that by Christmas it will just be like we've always been here.

On Saturday, i'm off to Liverpool for the weekend to move my stuff into my new university flat so its up there and i can just come and go as i please after that until i have to move back in time for 3rd year (oh, joy!) and of course my last ever freshers so my last ever chance to go a bit off the rails without people thinking you're either on a complete bender or an alcoholic - i can't wait! I also can't wait to be reunited with my flat mates and other mates in Liverpool, it just feels like such a long time ago since I was with them all.

I'll whack a post about the new university flat on here next week - and when the new furniture for my new room has arrived, i'll get snapping!

Trolleeeeeeey. x


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

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pulling a pint in the rovers | loving life on coronation street | in love with my new hat & enjoying an amazing TGI's in Manchester | 'bless our pizza' lovely little restaurant in the Northern Quarter, Manchester | my birthday present off Ellie 'champagne supernova' lyrics | me and Ellie on our little birthday date night | enjoying an amaretto at Pomodoro, Bewdley | my amazing arctic monkeys birthday cake made by my aunty | having fun in the photobooth at the Tshirtable beach weekender | blue tash times at work | nighttime shameless selfie | 'the universe is ready when you are' lovely little card I picked up on Portobello Road, Notting Hill, not long ago. 

Thursday, 24 July 2014

Changing Rooms - Vinyl Storage

Me, and all my stuff, are moving into two new bedrooms in the next 3 weeks, my new house in my hometown and my new university house, therefore it being quite a stressful situation! I want to make both rooms very 'me', homely and comfortable - but I will do a big post about this soon, for now though; vinyl storage and the nightmare that comes along with it!

As a bit of a self-confessed vinyl enthusiast, my record collection is quickly getting bigger and bigger since I purchased my beautiful record player last December, making storage for my records harder and harder. At first it was easy for me to buy cardboard storage boxes from tkmaxx, and although I loved them, they were so flimsy and they just don't last! With both of the new moves coming around soon, I panicked with what I was going to do with all my records and how I would store them at my new uni room. 

As a big Pinterest fan, I searched for loads of different ideas. I also ebay'd etc on a daily basis just wanting to find something perfect, but everything is so expensive or not big enough, so for a student who has to move around a lot, I don't want to have to fork out tons of cash on something that might not look right in where I may live after uni.

I already have a lot of 'shabby chic' furniture and lots of different looks and decor, so I found a perfect solution: wired baskets - might sound ugly but they're cute, sensible and will last much longer than a few flimsy boxes; 

I picked these up in tkmaxx (where else, that place is decor HEAVEN!) they are in their 'rustic chic' range, and all three of them came to a cracking £16! Two of them were £7 each and the smallest one cost £2! So vinyl wise, I can store my 12's in the bigger ones, and my 10's and 7's in the smaller one, so also super organised.

Can't wait to dot these around my new room at university, I'm glad I didn't fork out a fortune for legitimate vinyl storage, who needs legit when there's make-shift!


Tuesday, 22 July 2014

my love affair with VINTED

I have been having a huge love affair the last few months, and not with a some idiot who doesn't understand women - this love affair has been with Vinted. 

Vinted is a cracking 'online shopping' app where there's so many choices in a 'catalogue' including shoes, accessories, dresses ect. You can favourite items, follow people who upload items you like and you can select whatever sizes you want to see in whatever items! And, the best thing, you don't even have to BUY items. You can comment items which take your fancy and ask the person selling if they would like to swap an item with them! Obviously this doesn't always work, sometimes if you really want an item you will have to buy it, but even then the majority of items are so well priced, it's difficult to complain about having to pay! 

I have swapped several items on the nifty little app! I've managed to get some lovely things, including dresses from all kinds of shops, a gorgeous pair of Ted Baker shoes, vintage shirts. These are some of the cute things I've managed to swap my items for;

I particularly love my new eye-catching paisley print vintage shirt and my new cute collar dress! 

If this sounds like your type of thing, get your mitts on it! It's pretty great - I've tried Depop too which is similar but I just didn't enjoy using it half as much and I didn't get the friendly vibe I get off Vinted.

However, watch your back on app's like this where you swap items - you have to make sure you are both absolutely swapping. I sent an item to someone and never received the item which I had swapped with them! The cheek! But that is the risk you take, and thankfully, like eBay, you can leave feedback - which I did for this particular girl, who unsurprisingly had a whole batch of negative feedback and comments about her swapping skills! Also, always make sure you have the right size - what size 14 really wants a size 6 dress showing up at the door!

If you're all over the Vinted hype too, let me know!

Trolley x

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just appreciating george harrison | beautiful sky from my front door | shameless selfie taken in an egg chair | a quote I stumbled into | obsessing over camera's in a vintage shop | sitting with a JD and coke in the sunshine at Alifie Birds, Custard Factory, Digbeth | chilling at the Custard Factory with fresh orange juice and a falafel pitta | loved this snazzy lights at Alfie Birds - decor crazy | lovely morning walk at Kinver Edge | walking through a forest | a patriotic high street | loving my dungarees matched with a classic arctic monkeys tee.


Wednesday, 9 July 2014

nearly 20 = early life crisis?!

Earlier, me and my friend were discussing what it is like being 20 (I know I am not actually 20 yet but I'm only 3 weeks off so yeah) and it's actually a very, VERY confusing age.

Why? Because at the dear old age of 20 years old, everyone's all over the place. Half of the people I went to school with are having children or getting married, which, well fair play to them if that's what they want to do! 

But, the other half, well what the hell are we doing? The vast majority, if single, are probably swiping left (constantly) on Tinder and if in a relationship probably thinking, oh god what's the next step at this age?! Because the thing about being 20 is, you're only just 'not a teenager' and you're probably not in a successful career and financially stable, so you probably aren't living in a swanky apartment, you're probably still living at home with your parents. 

So although you would think, at 20, you would be completely free to do what you want as you're an 'adult', that's not really true when you've still got rules and regulations in your home and possibly still getting nagged by family members like you're 14. 

So how should a 20 year old even act? If they haven't found the person they want to spend the rest of their lives with OR have decided to hold back on the whole baby thing?! I DON'T KNOW - if you have the answers, please step forward.

I have found, well where I'm from, is that the people who haven't settled down with someone or living in a place by themselves are the people who have moved away for university, which is obviously what I did. And it's for these 'university move away-ers' who probably find this '20 year old' stage most difficult. As, chances are, you'll make friends and get in relationships with people from different parts of the country and, these relationships built with people will eventually become a little loose. Don't get me wrong, I know I'll stay in touch with many people I have met whilst being at university, but that's not the point I'm making - the point I'm making is, the vast majority of these people you've built these relationships with will eventually move away from you at some point - making it incredibly difficult whilst being away at university to be able to 'settle down' and have these almost 'adulty' lifestyles than the people back home, the same age as you, seem to be having.

And it's so difficult to settle down whilst being a university 'move-away-er' because, well, you never seem to know what your next step is. If you're in a similar situation as me, about to go into your final year of your degree, then you don't KNOW what you'll be doing even this time next year, where you'll be moving to and what your plans are. So it's a little difficult to put solid labels on all your kinds of relationships at university as, well, what about if you have to cut them loose for your future plans?

See, they don't tell you about this kind of thing when applying for university - they tell you it'll be the best years of your life blah blah which, yes it is, I will never regret my decision for moving away for university, it's moulded me into a person I could have no way have become if I had stayed in my hometown - but they don't tell you that you'll have to really think about the majority of the decisions you make whilst being away because you have to constantly think about life after university when the fun and games are all over and it's time to be let loose into a real working world. See, whatever choices you make can affect your plans after your 3/4 years of studying/having a great time. 

A brief example, I did have a relationship in my second year in Liverpool. Don't get me wrong, I completely adored the boy and was gutted when it ended, but, thinking about it, well it's very most likely it would have ended after university anyway, we lived in completely different parts of the country and we probably would have had to move away for work or something like that to an even more different part of the country/world at some point wouldn't we?! Because in the university lifestyle, it's difficult to plan a life together when you don't even know your plans for next week.

Now, I know many people who have managed to keep all sorts of relationships after university and I really do take my hat off to them because it can't be incredibly easy, surely. But from my point of view, this is the way I see it. I also have friends at university who have partners back home and it works well for them. But I guess as someone who doesn't, I can't help but see this awkward '20 year old' stage in this light - we're still so young yet expected to act like adults but we can't even plan incredibly in advance because you don't really have a clue what you'll be doing, some don't even know WHAT they want to do! I also understand that you don't have to be 'in a relationship' to be considered as an adult but i'm sure you can sense my general vibe here.

But, you know what, I like my 'I-don't-know-what's-coming-next-am-I-having-an-'early life'-crisis, because I enjoy not knowing what's next. It can be pretty scary and sometimes I freak out a bit but it's pretty fun, not knowing what's coming and what opportunities may come my way, like it's pretty cool really. It's also pretty cool how many different kinds of 'being 20' there are - and I think that's the thing about your early 20's - after that age, will you ever meet loads of different types of people again, where your one friend is travelling Asia, the other one's wedding day is next week, the other one is on his ninth pint in the pub and the other one has just decided to go to university? 

So actually, it seems that being 20 is actually a great age for me because it suits me and the whole 'confusing' side of it is actually my favourite part.


Wednesday, 28 May 2014

2014 - 'the year of change'

To say that my life has completely flipped over this year would be a complete understatement.

Although there has been a few good things that has happened this year, these are the ones having the most affect on my life;

My mom and her partner split, resulting in having to sell the house i have lived in for the past 12 years and soon to be moving into rented housing. This also resulted in me having to give away all of my pets who, i tend to love more than humans the majority of the time. I won't go into this situation tooooo much.
My amazing great nanny, who i thought would live in her big old house forever has sadly been moved into a home as at the grand age of 93, she simply can't really look after herself very well anymore.
I attended my first funeral this year. Death is something i really, really struggle to deal with.
I split from the boy i thought i would be with forever, sounds cliche i know, but dealing with that has been an incredibly difficult process.

And its at the point of writing all this down, i think, Jesus Christ ALMIGHTY, everything i have let incredibly affect my life in the past 5 months, as well as many other things but i would be here all day, are incredibly negative things - to the point where i think, have i actually missed all the good moments this year as I've been too busy crying about the negative things? and at this point i realize, i need to pull myself together and i need to actually start enjoying life again, i'm not even 20 years old and i'm moping about like i'm having a mid-life crisis - so, here is my summer plan, because i am a huge believer in lists and PLANS;

- Eat more healthy - healthy body healthy mind blah blah blah you know where i'm coming from
- Exercise and attempt to lose weight (my weight process i will be blogging about)
- Spend less time with negative people
- Laugh more, see the funny side AND the positive side of things
- Write write write until i feel like my fingers are going to fall off
- Look nice, smile more and don't let boys make you cry - they are losers - apart from Alex Turner/Matt Helders/Jake Bugg - but i bet they even have their loser "why are boys so frustrating" moments
- Worry less about my own problems and be there for friends/family who are going through really rubbish times

So i guess my 'plan' isn't really a summer plan its a lifestyle change, a much needed one. Feel free to join me on my journey of turning my life around, maybe this time next year i could be a motivational speaker or something. So in the words of Jake Bugg, i really am going to try my absolute hardest to "hold two fingers up to yesterday" and   m o v e   o n   

Attempt #317383 to start a real ACTUAL blog

I started this blog 2 years ago and managed to whack out a cracking 4 posts, so here we go, again, and this time it is for real. 

Well, Hi :') I'm Bethan (Beth please), i'm 19 very nearly 20, i have just finished my second year of university. I study Journalism in Liverpool. This blog is simply going to be me sharing my thoughts, ideas and what i think about things, my life in general, reviews, things i like at the moment etc etc! So basically just a full on mash up of the life of Bethan Tolley (which can be incredibly embarrassing/tragic at times, therefore providing entertainment for you all.)

I guess the main reason for me starting this blog, which i want to update regularly, is i find writing pretty therapeutic in a way, and i'm the type of person where i have a million things running about in my mind all the time to the point where i think my head is going to
E X P L O D E. Therefore, the best way for me to 'assess' myself and my life situations is actually for me to write them down. Almost like a, getting it off my chest, and we all know we feel much better about a situation when it is off your chest. So, be prepared to laugh, roll your eyes and tell me to get a grip, have a little cry, whatever you want to do. So here goes, welcome to my blogggg :-)
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