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Wednesday, 28 May 2014

2014 - 'the year of change'

To say that my life has completely flipped over this year would be a complete understatement.

Although there has been a few good things that has happened this year, these are the ones having the most affect on my life;

My mom and her partner split, resulting in having to sell the house i have lived in for the past 12 years and soon to be moving into rented housing. This also resulted in me having to give away all of my pets who, i tend to love more than humans the majority of the time. I won't go into this situation tooooo much.
My amazing great nanny, who i thought would live in her big old house forever has sadly been moved into a home as at the grand age of 93, she simply can't really look after herself very well anymore.
I attended my first funeral this year. Death is something i really, really struggle to deal with.
I split from the boy i thought i would be with forever, sounds cliche i know, but dealing with that has been an incredibly difficult process.

And its at the point of writing all this down, i think, Jesus Christ ALMIGHTY, everything i have let incredibly affect my life in the past 5 months, as well as many other things but i would be here all day, are incredibly negative things - to the point where i think, have i actually missed all the good moments this year as I've been too busy crying about the negative things? and at this point i realize, i need to pull myself together and i need to actually start enjoying life again, i'm not even 20 years old and i'm moping about like i'm having a mid-life crisis - so, here is my summer plan, because i am a huge believer in lists and PLANS;

- Eat more healthy - healthy body healthy mind blah blah blah you know where i'm coming from
- Exercise and attempt to lose weight (my weight process i will be blogging about)
- Spend less time with negative people
- Laugh more, see the funny side AND the positive side of things
- Write write write until i feel like my fingers are going to fall off
- Look nice, smile more and don't let boys make you cry - they are losers - apart from Alex Turner/Matt Helders/Jake Bugg - but i bet they even have their loser "why are boys so frustrating" moments
- Worry less about my own problems and be there for friends/family who are going through really rubbish times

So i guess my 'plan' isn't really a summer plan its a lifestyle change, a much needed one. Feel free to join me on my journey of turning my life around, maybe this time next year i could be a motivational speaker or something. So in the words of Jake Bugg, i really am going to try my absolute hardest to "hold two fingers up to yesterday" and   m o v e   o n   

Attempt #317383 to start a real ACTUAL blog

I started this blog 2 years ago and managed to whack out a cracking 4 posts, so here we go, again, and this time it is for real. 

Well, Hi :') I'm Bethan (Beth please), i'm 19 very nearly 20, i have just finished my second year of university. I study Journalism in Liverpool. This blog is simply going to be me sharing my thoughts, ideas and what i think about things, my life in general, reviews, things i like at the moment etc etc! So basically just a full on mash up of the life of Bethan Tolley (which can be incredibly embarrassing/tragic at times, therefore providing entertainment for you all.)

I guess the main reason for me starting this blog, which i want to update regularly, is i find writing pretty therapeutic in a way, and i'm the type of person where i have a million things running about in my mind all the time to the point where i think my head is going to
E X P L O D E. Therefore, the best way for me to 'assess' myself and my life situations is actually for me to write them down. Almost like a, getting it off my chest, and we all know we feel much better about a situation when it is off your chest. So, be prepared to laugh, roll your eyes and tell me to get a grip, have a little cry, whatever you want to do. So here goes, welcome to my blogggg :-)
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