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Monday, 11 August 2014

Life Changes: Moving House

On Friday 1st August, me and my mum left our little white terraced house which had been our home for 12 years. It was a completely bitter-sweet experience, as although I was excited for me and especially my mum to have a fresh start somewhere new, I also couldn't help but get all nostalgic and reflect on the past 12 years and i did of course get a bit emotional; as after all, that house was the longest one i'd ever lived in, we moved in when i was just 8 years old, so it really is the house that i grew up in. SO many memories there, like in that house, i cried in the bath when i was 12 years old because my mum wouldn't buy me Pussycat Dolls tickets (cringe!), but lets not go into the embarrassing life of Bethan Tolley.

So we stayed in the same town, but we did move to a different area of it. I personally prefer the area of our new house, its not so close to the town center as my previous house, making it a lot more quieter. It is also not opposite a pub which means no awful karaoke or people arguing outside after a few too many pints! This house is also bigger than our old one, which obviously makes a nice change - i'm so used to living in a little house its actually quite the change. However, what I don't like is the fact that the bathroom is downstairs! Sounds silly, but its actually pretty difficult to get used to, and believe me its no fun and games when you're searching for light switches in the middle of the night! But I do like the high ceilings and the original fireplaces in the bedrooms, so much character! Its actually not as old as my previous house, the old house was built in 1900 but this one (which has a stone outside stating) was built in 1905. The new house came equipped with a brand new kitchen and bathroom too, what a treat :)

As our new house is rented, we need to wait a while to make any drastic changes to it. Despite this, me and my mum have tried our hardest to make our new home as homely and comfortable as possible, despite not being huge fans of the wallpaper and the horrific over-use of borders - borders are the number one decor and interior crime in my opinion. My new furniture for my new bedroom is coming at the end of this week, so when that is all in i can pack my clothes away and my room will finally all be unpacked and finished!

Luckily, the house move went surprisingly smooth and with a little help of my friend Gemma, we figured out how to put curtains up and how to attach lamp shades (i had no idea how complicated these things were!). Everything is slowly becoming together and i think that by Christmas it will just be like we've always been here.

On Saturday, i'm off to Liverpool for the weekend to move my stuff into my new university flat so its up there and i can just come and go as i please after that until i have to move back in time for 3rd year (oh, joy!) and of course my last ever freshers so my last ever chance to go a bit off the rails without people thinking you're either on a complete bender or an alcoholic - i can't wait! I also can't wait to be reunited with my flat mates and other mates in Liverpool, it just feels like such a long time ago since I was with them all.

I'll whack a post about the new university flat on here next week - and when the new furniture for my new room has arrived, i'll get snapping!

Trolleeeeeeey. x


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