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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Summer 2014: Reflecting

Although I have been up and down to Liverpool the last few weekends, this Saturday I will be moving back 'for good' in time for my 3rd year of university to commence; so its time for a reflection post really isn't it!

Beginning of summer seems a bit of a blur now - I moved home around mid-may, soon after exams had finished and returned to my hometown. I had originally moved back to start a barmaid job in a nearby town, but after far too many phone call's and email's about when I would start, I shrugged it off and attempted to find another job - if a company isn't going to be organised with you before you even start there, then what the hell is it going to be like working for them?!

Soon after, I headed down to London to spend a few days with my friend Joy. We went to Finsbury Park and saw Arctic Monkeys (of course, they were amazing, as always) and then explored around Notting Hill the following day, we made a trip to one of my favorite places ever too; Portobello Road - seriously where dreams are made! I picked up a few things, including my best friend Ellie's 20th birthday present:

"If souls could speak, this is probably what they would say: 'stop worrying! you can do it. give yourself a break, you deserve it. Trust - why not? What are you waiting for? Stop caring what others think. Do it! Enjoy it! Oh yes, and one more small thing, I don't know how long i'm going to be in your body for, so for God's sake, make the most of it!"

I just completely fell in love with it and I just had to give it to Ellie. The thing is, I was a different person to who I am now at the beginning of the summer. At the start of summer, I was just so down; I was still incredibly broken after an awful break-up, I was drained from the past year of university and exams and I felt as if I was on some kind of emotional roller-coaster - I was, quite frankly, a mess. I was so desperate to get back the person who I was and perhaps an even better version. I wanted to open my mind up, see new things and just, quite simply, get over myself! Because when you're stuck in a rut, its difficult to see past your own problems and remember whats out there.

Luckily, my sister managed to get me a job soon after I came back from London. To say that the job was exactly what I needed would be a complete understatement - it completely took my mind off stuff for 9 hours of the day and I found myself getting a real buzz for it. I got a taste for what a real job after university is like (I have previously only worked in a bar and McDonalds) and I found it really helpful in not only making me question more what I want from my degree and what i'd like to do after university, but also the money which gave me the freedom to do things and see stuff over the summer. If you want to check out what I've been working on over the summer then have a look on the website I worked on; www.tshirtable.co.uk - I also did all the social media, marketing and all that kind of stuff, as well as actually making the garments - making me actually really looking forward to studying PR in my 3rd year. To be honest, it was nice to just not work in a fast food joint and constantly smell of cheeseburgers.

I spent a weekend in Bristol too, and it was around that time when I started clicking into my old self again - I stayed with my friend Jake (yes we went out when I was 15/16 but we are just friends now, promise!) and had a great time. It was so nice to visit somewhere i'd never been before and the place is actually pretty great. It was a weird feeling but I felt like I was cut off from the real world when I was there because everything is so so so relaxed and cool and it just has the best vibe. I just have to visit again some day.

Among some great days and nights with my friends and family, my favorite week had to be my birthday celebrations! I had an amazing meal with Ellie the night before I turned 20 and on my actual birthday, I celebrated in Manchester. Manchester is my favorite UK city and I hope to live there one day. After spending a few hours in the Northern Quarter, I have realized that the place is quite simply my soul mate - everything about it! Luckily, i'm not far away from there being at university in Liverpool so i'll be popping there a few times in the next few months. My birthday night out was also, pretty amazing! I also went on tons of cute day trips - I just love seeing new things and exploring new places.

This summer has been a real eye-opener for me. I've managed to do so much with some amazing people. I've also dealt with some more life changes but I feel so much better than what I did at the beginning of summer. I'm being much more positive about things, appreciating people more and looking forward to the future. I've also been able to spend time by myself and think about what I really want from not only my last year at uni, but in the next few years. All I did was take a step back, looked at situations for what they really are and quite simply, got a grip and told myself there's more to life than moping about over things that aren't going to change. But the main things that are important for my final year are staying on track with my workload and working hard, and having the best year living with my best mates - and going absolutely mental in freshers, of course.

(I hope to add photo's to this blog post but my laptop currently doesn't like me!)



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