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Saturday, 21 November 2015


Well, it's been a while. Honestly, I didn't realise how long I hadn't blogged for until it got pointed out to me. There's me thinking that my blog was like some kind of personal therapy session for me last year, and there's people actually reading it and waiting for the next post (apologies to those - by the way, I don't have a fan club, I don't think, but a handful of people have asked me where the blog has gone.) So I guess I ought to explain myself, right? Well what happened was life.

Lets be frank, I'm not the type of girl to post every single day. Firstly, there isn't something to say every single day and secondly, I'm not going to make posts about make-up and hair products because, honestly, I don't really care to tell people what shampoo I'm using this week and what shades of lipstick I'm a fan of for winter, that's just not me! Funnily enough, I watched the whole of My Mad Fat Diary again this week (judge me) and I remembered how great it is to just write something down and remember it. Two people have said to me in the past week how they remember a certain situation which happened a while ago a lot differently to how I did. I don't think this makes me crazy, we all just see, remember and react to situations differently. I think this is when blogging is great, because it's somewhere to write where it's not just a diary that will eventually be lost (unlike my 13 year old diary which keeps coming back to haunt me time and time again - doesn't help that my mum has obviously read it several times too.) Basically, what i'm saying is. I'm going to start writing in this little blog again.

So, what's happened in the time since I last wrote here? Well, what hasn't changed! In my last blog, I was freaking out about final year of uni, what my future held etc etc. So last year of uni was, well, last year of uni - stressful, breakdowns happened, 6am library sessions were held, it was a barrel of laughs. But, it all paid off. I graduated in July with a 2.1 degree after finding out my university results sat by the pool in Egypt. It was pretty cool. Then. of course, came the bit I was dreading the most: finding a gradate job. I'm going to be honest kids, it was a bloody nightmare - NIGHTMARE. I started applying for jobs in March, thinking I was ahead of the game slightly (this didn't work) but I managed to score my first interview a week after my final deadline in May. I was buzzing, in love with the idea that I would be able to stay in Liverpool and never have to move home to boring old Kidderminster. I didn't get it (and now I think THANK GOD because it was for a gardening website. Do I genuinely know anything about gardening? No, no you don't Beth.) I moved home and applied for an impressive 322 jobs, more or less. I had 15 interviews for various content-type roles, 13 of which were in the West Midlands, 1 in Manchester and 1 in Liverpool - I think we all know which one I wanted the most...well I got it! The one I was least nervous for and I got it. After I got over the initial shock of actually being offered a real job within six months of graduating, I packed my stuff up, moved back to Liverpool, got a flat sorted and started work at where I am now - as cliche as it sounds, determination really did pay off. I put every last bit of me into those interviews and each rejection was such a blow but I kept going and ended up getting one in the city I actually want to live in too, hoorah! Loving life is an understatement - funny how things work out, right?

Love life? In my last post I was moaning about how I had been single for agessss. Well, I'm still single and have been for nearly 2 years now. I've got into a way of life that I can't even imagine being with anyone now, I'm that used to being single. Despite this, I am genuinely happy with the way things are right now. I dated someone in the Summer and it didn't get any further than dating. But again, I just didn't really care. I haven't really cared for a very long time now. I think a guy would actually have to knock me off my feet a little to make me think about even making a slight change to my current lifestyle where I just care about my career and doing well, my friends, family and just having a laugh 24/7 - and right now, I'm OK with that! I've got it down to 2 times when I always wish that I wasn't single: when i'm hungover in bed wishing someone could make me a bacon sarnie and when I'm a bit cold first thing in the morning. Personally, I think 2 reasons out of how many is actually pretty good so I'm feeling rather proud of my little single self actually...

And that is a very brisk update of my life right now. I felt like I needed to give a bit of a back story before I get onto the posts that I'm desperate to write about like music and dating (we all know I love a good dating post. See 2014 posts: First Dates - loved writing that so much that it's even in my portfolio of work!)

I'll be back, trolley x


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