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Saturday, 16 April 2016

Bethan loves: BLØSH

Cool, catchy, fun and very, very clever: Scandinavian duo BLØSH have lately become my new favourite sound. Their debut album titled ‘Keep Bleeding Keep Breathing’ was released back in February and the only possible way I can describe it is like a breath of fresh air. 

The album, which kicks off with questionably the most memorable track ‘Give it Away’, takes the listener on a journey, with just the right amount of fun, uplifting songs blended with slower, more dreamier tracks. ‘Keep Bleeding Keep Breathing’ is an album which in my opinion is simply made for long drives on summer afternoons, with a perfect mix of experimental and cool sounds, to laid-back and sleepy tracks, and of course, the contagious European vibes you can hear throughout. 

The album is the most exciting I’ve heard in a very long time and it’s put together so well that it almost feels more like a story than an album. Stand out tracks for me are the likes of Dance with Me, When Love is Alive and When The Light Doesn’t Fit You, as well as their super catchy Give it Away. BLØSH makes me very excited about not only their future and what we can expect from them in the next few years, but also the future of music itself, as the more groups that come along like this duo, the better!

I was recently fortunate to interview the duo from BLØSH and ask them everything from how they met to their influences...

BETH: I have seen that you’re from Oslo and Madrid, where are you both now based?

BLØSH: That's very true, a bit confusing. Both cities are there because Jørgen is from Oslo and Teresa is from Madrid, but we are currently based and living in Oslo.

BETH: How did the both of you meet?

BLØSH: We met at university in Liverpool. We were both studying at Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts. 

BETH: What is the creative process for you both?

BLØSH: We always work together. It might start with an idea that one of us has, melodic or lyrical, but there's always a process after that were both work together. We're a stronger team then individualists. 

BETH: What feedback on your album have you received so far?

BLØSH: It's been fantastic! Blogs and magazines like DIY Music, The 405 & Wonderland have all been writing about it which is mental, and we've had a couple of 10/10 reviews which is of course heart-warming. Still the fact that people are actually listening to it is what makes us most happy. 

BETH: How long did it take for you to put the album together and how happy are you with the finished product?BLØSH: It took us about 12 months from writing to releasing. It was a very intense period but looking back at it now we are extremely proud, 10/10 on the happy-meter!

BETH: What festivals are you playing at this summer?

BLØSH: We are playing a few but unfortunately we can't tell you yet! Can't wait to share the exciting news with you though!

BETH: Will there be a tour coming up soon?

BLØSH: We are touring Norway this spring and there will also be a European tour this fall. We are speaking to venues/festivals in the UK as well and hope to have some good news very soon!  

BETH: What and who influences you the most when making music?

BLØSH: Whatever really captures our attention. 'When Love Is Alive' came about because we were watching this amazing documentary called "Man On Wire" while our single 'Give It Away' started with a guitar riff inspired by African guitarists like Ali Farka Touré. As far as musical influences go we both love the Beatles and Paul Simon, but you'll probably hear more of The DØ, Oh Land, Dirty Projectors and St. Vincent in our music.  

BETH: What other artists are you enjoying listening to at the moment?

BLØSH: Norwegian artists such as Ary & Aurora are spinning frequently. A lot of cool stuff coming out of Norway right now!

You can download ‘Keep Bleeding Keep Breathing’ and enjoy it as much as I did on iTunes, Tidal and Spotify now.
Make sure you also follow the band on Twitter too (@bloshmusic) to keep up with tour and new music news! 

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