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Sunday, 17 April 2016

Two Weeks in Review

First day at work selfie | Free tickets to the Grand National | Having photo's with Steph at the Grand National | Snow - in April! | Teaching my niece a few tunes on my guitar | Walking down Brindleyplace on my way to work | Laughing about something in Aintree | Record Store Day - a few from my collection

So I guess I need to do a two week in review seeing as I missed out last week! As you can probably imagine, since starting my new job (explained in the last week in review), I've been fairly rushed off my feet!

The last two weeks has just been a roller-coast ride of attempting to get used to early mornings, commuting and the actual job. But so far, I am absolutely loving it! I'm learning so much everyday and am really looking forward to getting in the real flow of things and being a real journalist. It's so nice to be in a role that I don't dread going to and actually enjoy. Also, everyone in the office is so lovely and I'm finally in a job where I feel comfortable around everyone and can be myself, so although I've been super busy and tired, it's been really worth it so far.

 Fortunately, I started my job with another girl, Steph, and I think starting with someone else and us both being in the same situation has made this whole new job process so much easier. She's also hilarious and it's so nice to make a new friend and fellow budding journalist. On our third day at the new job, we were offered tickets to the Grand National, so how could I say no?! We headed up to Aintree last Saturday with more of the work lot and had the best day meeting everyone and having a few (a lot) drinks whilst putting a few bets on. Still didn't manage to win anything though...

Other than work, I headed on a date (lovely guy - but after different things I think!), caught up with friends and had two much needed lazy days with a good few rom-com's. On Friday night, me and Gemma watched How To Loose a Guy In 10 Days and I forgot how much I loved it. Does anybody else have some kind of weird love-hate relationship for Matthew McConaughey?! Sometimes I love him and fancy the pants off him and other times I just...don't. I also managed to see my niece for a bit last Sunday and have a good spring clean.

I also managed to squeeze in an interview with a super cool duo from Norway, you can read it here: http://bethantrolley.blogspot.co.uk/2016/04/bethan-loves-blsh.html

So right now I'm feeling fairly pleased with how things are going and I'm feeling positive and looking forward to the future! I'm also excited because there is so much to look forward to over the next few weeks, like Noel Gallagher, my mom's wedding and a potential trip up to Liverpool!

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