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Sunday, 3 April 2016

Week in Review

Floppy hat selfie | Watching 'About Time' in bed on Easter Monday | Getting acknowledged on Twitter by the queen that is Sex and the City's Samantha Jones aka Kim Cattrall | Then laughing at some of the genius things Samantha has said on Sex and the City | Drinks with Gemma | Having my first listen to The Last Shadow Puppet's new album | Powerpuff-ing myself, of course | Drinks in Bewdley with my best mates | Standard smiley selfie before I headed out

This has been my last week of being technically unemployed! I have now had 5 weeks off work and it really has just flown by, yet I've still managed to keep myself fairly busy and been able to have a good chill out, which is probably just what I needed. Tomorrow, I start my new job in Birmingham. I've known for 3 weeks that I've secured the job and I've been so excited to start, but now it's tomorrow, I'm so nervous! It's always fairly nerve wracking being the 'new girl' and having to figure out everything from what the acceptable work attire is and how everybody likes their tea to the actual work and how the day generally plans out for everyone. I'm sure after a few days, I'll be fine, it's just the first day always gives me the heebie jeebies.

So I started this week off in bed - the last week I've been really suffering from awful back ache, to the point that I struggled to do anything. So I snuggled up with a hot water bottle and watched one of my favourite films, About Time. While I was feeling sorry for myself, I received a few tweets from Kim Cattrall! This was so exciting for me, as not only did she acknowledge my blog post about my favourite books, but she may have also read it! As a huge Sex and the City fan, this was amazing as who doesn't just adore Samantha Jones? And lets not forget about the classic 80's film Mannequin either. In one of her tweets to me she said: "The secret to having a good life is accepting that every decade has it's joys and challenges - be good to yourself!" Now that is advice I really will cherish forever!

Thursday saw me at the doctors about my back and being happy with the outcome of physio; I have suffered with upper back pain since I was about 16/17, so I'm glad there may finally be a way of learning how to deal with it. Afterwards, me and Gemma headed to the pub to have a good chat over a few drinks and some cheesy chips. On Friday, me and my mum met up for a coffee and she told me the latest wedding info (She is getting married next month!) and we also had a laugh over the fact that Ellie and Gemma fell for my April Fool's joke of me being on First Dates! Afterwards, I went for a blood test, to be greeted by a 2 hour wait; thank god I had the last few issues of NME downloaded onto my phone, because a hospital is no place to be if you have no WiFi or 4G for a few hours!

On Saturday, I headed over to Gemma's to chill for a bit before we got ready and were joined by our other friends for a catch up, a few drinks and a game of jenga (the one where whoever makes it fall over, they have to take a shot...) before heading to Bewdley for a bar crawl. It was really nice to see everyone and of course, I took charge of the jukebox in one of the bars for a bit and became the local legend for a few minutes when I put 'Champagne Supernova' on - but what else would I choose after all?!

Today has seen me preparing for my first day at my new job tomorrow, getting notes together and preparing some lunch - I feel like it's my first day back at school after a summer holiday! I also helped my Nan out with some laptop issues - top tip; never ask me for computer advice as I don't understand it either...

I'm looking forward to getting another 'I'm Listening To' post together this week, as well as an album review and little interview with Scandinavian band 'BLOSH'.

Wish me luck tomorrow! 

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