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Monday, 2 May 2016

Bethan loves: BELLMAN

I think it's really easy to get into a rut when it comes to music. You know what you like and you only tend to listen to those artists and ones similar, I'm more than guilty of it. But since I've started my 'I'm Listening To' posts on here, which you can view on the Music section of this blog, I've found myself on the look out for new artists and in particular, ones which are a bit different to my usual taste. Scandinavian artist Bellman recently sent me his new single 'Colored By You', which I love! The song itself is about how we are affected by people around us, which I think is a really interesting concept and does make you think about those you associate yourself with. Obviously my music taste tends to be mostly UK and US based, but I'm growing quite a love for Scandinavian artists as they tend to be a bit more experimental than other sounds I tend to hear every day. 

Blending acoustic and electric sounds, melancholic atmospheres and energetic notes, Colored By You is a really interesting listen and one that I've been playing a lot over the past few weeks. With Bellman currently working on his fourth album, there are more cool songs like Colored By You on the way! I was recently fortunate enough to speak to Bellman and do a little interview with him, check it out...

BETH: So where are you from and based?
BELLMAN: I’m born and raised in Larvik, a small, beautiful city just south of Oslo, Norway.

BETH: How long have you been doing this?
BELLMAN: I wrote my very first songs back in 2003, but it wasn’t until 2009 my first album was released. It’s been a long, but sweet ride, and it feels like it’s just began.

BETH: What have been your most successful songs so far in your career so far?
BELLMAN: I have to say “Spaceship, move slow!” from my debut album Mainly Mute. The song has been a door-opener for many exiting adventures and experiences, all over the globe. Another one is “Accident by art” from the album Melopoiïa. It was among other things included in the trailer for the recent Paul “Gazza” Gascoigne documentary.

BETH: Do you write all your own songs or do you have any help?
BELLMAN: I write all my songs myself, but I often have inputs from my band in the process.

BETH: What feedback have you had on Colored by you?
BELLMAN: It’s been very well received, both here in Norway and in the rest of the world, spanning from japan to USA.

BETH: Can we expect a new album soon?
BELLMAN: I’m doing the finishing touches on the album as we speak. It will be released sometime late August, early September this year. I’m very exited about this release, as I believe it will be my best work yet. I have been experimenting with some new sounds that will take my music in a slightly new direction. It’s all about evolving, and I find it very refreshing to explore the different sides of songwriting.

BETH: Are you doing a tour/festivals this year?
BELLMAN: I’m doing some festivals here in Norway this summer, and are working on a release tour this fall. Hopefully I will get to visit the UK, as well as mainland Europe. I also hoping to re-visiting Asia this autumn.

BETH: What influences your music the most?
BELLMAN: I get inspired by many things like, movies, books, and of course music. My taste is shamelessly broad, and I try to be open for all sorts of influences.

BETH: Who is your musical icon?
BELLMAN: In my youth I found my god in Jim Morrison and the Doors. He was a very big part of my life from about age 14-18, and had a large impact on my future songwriting, especially the lyrics. Today I don’t really think I have an icon, but there are artists that I really look up to, such as Thom York.

BETH: What other artists are you enjoying at the moment?
BELLMAN: At the moment I listen to James Bay. Not that he is my favourite artist, but right now I find my self enjoying his songs.

BETH: What can we expect from you in the future?
BELLMAN: More music, concerts and touring. I really enjoy meeting my audience, so for me, touring is the best part of this crazy way of living.

You can find Bellman on social media...

And you can listen to Colored By You here...


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