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Thursday, 29 December 2016

2016: My Year in Review

2016 – it has been a weird old year hasn’t it? Not only did we have to get used to the thought of us no longer being in the EU, we also had to try and get our head round the fact that Donald Trump is going to be the US President and around all this was also legends passing away, a handful of them some of my very favourites, the ones who I have looked up to and appreciated for years; Bowie, George Michael, Prince, Victoria Wood, Caroline Aherne, Carrie Fisher, Alan Rickman and so, so many more. However, for me personally, 2016 has turned out to be a very different year to the one I thought I was welcoming back in January. 

When I looked back upon 2015 this time last year, I thought I had just been through probably the biggest year of my life so far. However, I wasn’t prepared for what was to come. Yes, I had graduated and scored myself my first graduate job, but what had I really learnt from experiences? Not a fat lot to be perfectly honest. 2016 was the time for that. Back in January, I still lived and worked in Liverpool, was still pretty much still in love with my ex-boyfriend and was in a very, very bad place. I was unhappy with almost every inch of my life. I was struggling to get up in the morning and I couldn’t see the point in doing things that used to make me happy. Although I was in my favourite city and living the graduate life, for me, it wasn’t all it cracked up to be, and one morning mid-cry, I decided to quit my job and packed my bags. The same week I cut things off with my ex, drank a ridiculous amount of wine and threw my middle finger up to the mess I had become. It was time for a change. I moved home and changed my life, for me. 

With the constant support of my family and friends, I threw myself back into job searching and stumbled straight into not just what I wanted to do, the reason I had gone to university in the first place. The day I got offered my current job, a journalist, I sat at the bottom of the stairs and cried in disbelief: this was it, I thought to myself. I can’t tell you how much my job has done for me this year. I have got my confidence back, I have met all sorts of incredible people who have inspired me and left a lasting impression on my life and my colleagues feel more like best mates. When I look back at 2016, I will remember it for the year that my life truly began thanks to the job I accepted. 

In terms of my love life, I am, yet again, ending the year single. However, I’m not that bothered by the whole thing. I finally found the courage to let go of my ex at the beginning of the year and that let me see the whole dating thing in a whole new light; I was looking for someone for me, not just someone who would distract me from my previous boyfriend. I have been on several dates, which is considerably less than 2015, and I even met a guy who became my boyfriend. Yeah, it didn’t work out, but some things don’t and I coped with it MUCH better than last time – so that must mean I’m learning, right? But having that confidence to get myself back out there and show guys the real me is something that took over 2 years to get back, so although it didn’t work out, I haven’t lost my confidence with dating and being the real me. 

If 2016 has taught me anything, it is to hold your loved ones closer. I’m not the busiest girl ever, but I don’t get to see my family and friends as much as I would like to. But because I’m not always around the gang and the family, it has actually made me appreciate them more. Moments with them are more precious now and something to look forward to. I think we’re all guilty of taking our loved ones for granted, right? But I think seeing both of my parents get remarried this year brought it home just how special and uplifting those occasions are.  

For me though, 2016 has been the year where I have begun to understand what makes me happy in life. I have been fortunate to go on two holidays and various long weekends, which all made me immensely happy. I have thrown myself into record shopping again, reading books, and of course, writing – all things that I seemed to put on hold last year. I have even explored more with my hair and makeup, which is something I’ve always been just a little too afraid to do. Maybe 2017 will be the year that I change my style a bit – damn floral prints ALWAYS attract me, but maybe 15 floral dresses is probably enough for now. I have also began to accept the real me: yes, I’m impatient, yes I’m a bit of a drama queen now and then and YES maybe I am a bit of a control freak. But, that IS me. However, I’ve also learned that it works for me to spend time by myself and guess what have probably been the biggest compliments this year? That I’m funny and that I have a lovely smile (apparently!) – If I’m cracking jokes and smiling often, I think that is a sign of a very good year. 

So, what’s the plan for 2017? Get fit and be healthier, continue to grow my confidence, get away more and love more. Read more, write more and hopefully make some new friends along the way.  

Finally, a huge massive THANK YOU for reading my blog this year, it has meant the world to me! The feedback I have got on posts have reduced me to tears, in a good way, as many posts had taken a few years for me to actually sit down and write them, so thank you and I can’t wait to continue in the new year. 

Happy New Year! I hope you all have a very happy 2017.  


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