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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Guest Post: 5 Things That Make Me Who I Am by Sophie Lockett

So I decided to start mixing things up a bit and introduce a few guest posts onto my site! I feel like I spend a lot of time writing about my experiences and what makes me, me. But discovering how others tick, and just why, is something that has always fascinated me. I have a huge long list of things that make me who I am and I thought it was about time I started asking others what got them interested in certain things and what affect it has had on their personality. Over the next few months, I am asking friends of mine and fellow bloggers to open up, tell me and share their story. So look out for book lovers, music appreciators and foodie fanatics coming soon.

I will now introduce you to my first ever guest post, Sophie Lockett. Me and Sophie, who is by the way probably one of the sassiest girls you will ever come across, both studied Journalism together at Liverpool John Moores University and we lived in the same halls in first year - long live Grand Central. Over the past few months, she has started her very own blog, which you can see for yourself here, where she often posts about make-up and all things beauty. I thought asking her to write a post about what makes her who she is would be slightly out of her comfort zone, but she has smashed it of course! Sophie, take it away and tell us what makes you, you...


It had its fair share of light and shade but I wouldn’t change my uni experience for anything. My first year was undoubtedly one of the best years of my life, hands down. I loved my course and I loved my flat. I would say that leaving sixth form I was already a mature person, but being away from home and having to fend for myself taught me so much that I didn’t even know I either needed to know or already knew. Living with other humans is hard, especially when at first they’re complete strangers. You have to put up with a lot, learn how to give and take, compromise and pull your weight but without being completely taken advantage of by the lazy ones.

Through the three years you grow and change and become more of who you are. You make sets of friends in different realms: in your flat, on your course, with different accents, home lives, different kinds of educations to you. You can’t find that kind of experience when so many people are brought together anywhere else. I absolutely adore the friends I made at uni and it makes me sad that I don’t get to see them every day any more, even when sometimes we had our differences. I miss the movie nights with everyone sat around in their dressing gowns while I did tea duty for about 20 (I was renowned as one of the most skilled tea makers). I miss my shitty damp cold horrible house in second year where nothing worked and everything broke. I miss the running around the house and screaming when there was a spider, as as a house full of five women we were not equipped to deal with such an issue. I miss the trips out to the cinema and for tea with my course girls in third year. I miss the little knocks on my door when my housemates just wanted to come in to say hello or to have a cuddle. I miss running around Grand Central playing team games at 1am. I even slightly miss that stench of weed down the corridors (we all know who that was!). You can’t get those kind of experiences anywhere else.

Make Up

I suppose the first one is obvious considering the time that I put into my blog. I wasn't always into make up and I didn't always know 'what goes where'. I still don't really know now! For me, make up is not just about making yourself look pretty. It is a creative art, a form of expression and for me it became an outlet that I grew to be passionate about. I think there's something innately intelligent about the way that you can transform yourself through it, be that with tricks like contouring, elaborate face and body painting or using drag make up to become a whole new persona. Not everyone understands make up. Some people might see a graphic liner look and think it's 'weird'. Others will groan, 'oh no not ANOTHER wannabe make up artist, there's only a million around', or make accusations of vanity against you because they feel you post too much on the gram.

From my experience make up artists are clever, witty and beautiful people inside and out. Take Norvina for example, she's a business empire in herself, a perfectionist striving to give the people what they want while remaining true to herself and keeping that unique selling point with her brand. Amrezy isn't afraid to show people that she loves herself and there's nothing wrong with that, while oozing class and sophistication with every Instagram post. People like Desi Perkins, Holly Boon, Dyls Make Up, Patrick Starr, Amy's Make Up Box... I could go on forever with lists of amazing make up artists that to me are so much more than someone who just paints their face for a living. They are normal people who happen to have a talent which they have chosen to share with the world and really we should be grateful for it.


I am already a full-on cinephile. I am obsessed with films and movies and cinema and actors and actresses and anything under that kind of umbrella. I think that I could dial this back to my love of Disney when I was a kid. One of my earliest memories is doing 'a show' for my mum and one of her friends of Hercules where I basically stood next to the TV and sang, danced and spoke along with all the words. My favourite birthday presents were my 'Belle' dress and my Megara barbie doll. I suppose of all the Disney ladies these were two of the sassiest so I didn't choose too bad a pair of characters to admire!

Now that I'm older as well I notice little titbits in some of the films for 'grown ups', giving me an entirely new perspective at 24 on a film that I used to adore when I first saw it aged six. I listen to the actual voices of the characters now too and I'm always surprised at the calibre of actors that have done Disney. I still go to the classics for comfort, when I'm bored or sad or angry. Without fail it will always improve my mood. I feel like having Disney as part of my life has allowed me to keep hold of that little bit of my inner child despite everything around me seeming like it's growing up and getting harder and that much more serious. It will always allow me to have that link to my childhood even though I'm now classed as, shock, a grown up. Disney taught me that magic does exist in whatever capacity I want it to, that wishing upon a star can make all your dreams come true and that anyone from any walk of life, be it a cleaner working for her stepmother or a sea-faring girl from the islands, can be a princess.


Although I wouldn’t say I’m a particular connoisseur in any specific genre or band, I absolutely LOVE my music. I am that person that everyone hates, driving around with the volume triple what it should be so that you can feel the bass as I park at the lights next to you. I’ll literally give anything a go, be it the hardest bars of a rapper brimming with spit or a gentle lilting country jamboree (why not?). I love watching Jools Holland with my dad and seeing such a breadth and variety of music. I of course have my favourites. I love the narcotised slow sultry RnB vibes of singers like The Weeknd, Bryson Tiller, Banks and Tory Lanez. I am obsessed with Drake and J Cole, but then I’ll also listen to The 1975, Coheed and Cambria, Maroon 5 and The Killers who are all completely spread out over the musical spectrum. I think Pentatonics are incredible and I completely admire their ability to create entire songs just using their vocal chords and other body percussion while being so in sync with one another, that’s teamwork at its finest. I love a bit of classic cheesy pop, 5ive, S Club 7, Steps. I love watching musicals and listening to movie soundtracks.

I have a different music playlist for getting ready songs, songs to listen to while I’m in the bath, my angry playlist that I listen to when I’m not at my happiest, my sassy independent woman playlist which only has female singers or bands on it. I feel like music can totally make or change your mood when you need it the most. It can motivate you or prepare you for something, make you cry or make you scream, ‘I HATE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW’ and throw stuff around your room along with Kelis. It’s so powerful and it’s so important.

My Job

So people who know me and the amount I moan about my job will be looking at this like, 'really?!' I complain about my place of work as much as the next person. Yes it's tedious, at times boring as sin and on odd occasions just downright unbearable. My job has brought me to tears on multiple times before. So why is it something that's made me me? Because without my job I wouldn't have met some of the people that I would class as some of my closest friends. I have my work mum, 'Auntie' Bex, who looks after me like one of her own, gives me pep talks and tells me how proud she is of me on a daily basis. I have learned from my close friend Dani to be selfish with my heart as she thinks mine is too precious to waste. She makes me howl with laughter and permanently dazzles me with how sassy, loyal and magical she is. I have a work little sis in my friend Hanna, who I want the best for in everything and I know will always have my back.

Most of all, I am thankful to my job for bringing me my best friend Steph. My absolute rock. My sister from another mister. One March morning in 2014 she turned up telling me she was my new manager and was staying for an hour or so to do paperwork. We made small talk about Gary Barlow and my old manager before going on a break together. As we sat down my phone buzzed on the table and it was a lad I was trying to pie off at the time. I then explained to Steph that the reason why was because his erm, 'skills' weren't up to scratch and the cappuccino she'd been sipping flew out of her mouth as she started crying with laughter. From then on we were bonded for life. Two holidays, two hundred glasses of gin and two billion amazing memories later and we're now looking to move in together. So thank you work for bringing all these amazing people and more into my life.

Tell me about what makes you, you! Get in touch via my email bethantrolley@gmail.com x x

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