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Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Bethan in Brum - why I'm transforming my blog

So I figured I couldn't just change my blog into something totally different without a bit of explaining...

This blog is now a Birmingham based lifestyle blog. I chose to do this as at my last job, I was able to write about, review and everything in between about the city and I absolutely loved it. Since leaving the role, I was desperate to not lose what I had become so passionate about; Birmingham. 

You see, back when I lived I studied and worked in Liverpool, I dreaded moving home because Birmingham seemed so boring in comparison. Upon moving back for good in early 2016, I soon realised that I was totally wrong. 

It isn't Liverpool, but it doesn't need to be - it has just as much of a whole host of wonderful things to do, see and so much more than meets the eye. I knew right then that I would take it upon myself to tell as many people as possible just how great the city is and give them ideas of how to spend their time here. 

Now, I decided not to launch a whole new blog because I didn't really want to lose all the previous posts I had written as a lifestyle blogger writing about whatever life threw at me. Reading many of them back, I cringe endlessly. However, many of the posts on here opened so many new doors for me and remain quite special to me. So if you find something totally unrelated to Brum, you'll know that it was just a part of something I used to do around here. 

If I'm being perfectly honest, I've learned so much about myself this year. I guess I can put a lot of that down to meeting my fella Dan, who will no doubt be occasionally brought up on this blog. This time last year, I was blogging about dates, relationships etc etc. 

However, this year I have realised that doing that just isn't quite me anymore. Yes I have so many funny stories and top tips to share, but I guess I have reached that point in life where there are some things that I'd rather keep to myself than to tell the world. Although opening up on my blog used to do me the world of good, I know that I surrounded by people who I can talk about life with - why must I also blog about it? Can you see where I'm coming from?! 

It was simply time for a change, and I am super excited to start this new little venture of mine. Whether it be reviews, lifestyle news and features or just little moments of inspiration I found in the city - you can find it here. 

I must also add that I am a Black Country girl born and raised! So you can expect plenty of posts about the Black Country, Worcestershire and the West Midlands in general also. As much as I love Brum, I also know that there are amazing places on the outskirts too. 

Welcome to Bethan in Brum! Enjoy! If you wish to find out more, simply head to the Contact page on this blog. 

Bethan x


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