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Friday, 15 December 2017

Birmingham pub set to help homeless this Christmas

A popular pub in Digbeth is set to help tackle loneliness this Christmas. 

The Old Crown in Digbeth will be offering a free dinner and care package for anyone who is in need this Christmas Eve, from those who are spending the festive season alone, are feeling lonely and the homeless. 

The pub have decided to open their doors this Christmas so that nobody gets forgotten about this festive season. 

Although Christmas is a time for giving, spending time with family and spreading joy, it is easy for many of us to forget about those who need it most at this time of year. 

Ciaran Healy, owner of the pub said “We want to reach out to those in need this Christmas. For many of these people it will be the only interaction they will have throughout Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. 

 "The majority of people spend it at home or down their local pub. It’s not about just giving them a meal it’s about sitting down and spending time with someone who needs it.” 

So, what can us lot do to help? 

Well, The Old Crown are looking for donations of Christmas presents, sleeping bags, hats, gloves, scarfs, coats, toiletries and anything else you feel may be of use to someone who is lonely or homeless. 

You can donate any items you can into the pub and give them in behind the bar. 

The Old Crown are open seven days a week from midday, so if you can, let's help the pub this Christmas. 

If you know someone in need this Christmas, who would appreciate someone spending some time with them, please e-mail alex@theoldcrown.com to book a place.


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