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Sunday, 10 June 2018

The Everyday and Extraordinary exhibition opens at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery's new summer exhibition is set to present a playful and surreal experience which encourages visitors to look at everyday objects in new and imaginative ways. 

Now open at the city centre location, The Everyday and Extraordinary will explore the potential of everyday objects to be transformed into artworks of wonder. 

Visitors to Birmingham Museums will find themselves in a Wunderkammer, a room of wonder, in the heart of Birmingham’s city centre. Entering the exhibition, visitors will become immersed in a gallery space where objects climb the walls, large sculptures fill the gallery floor and vibrantly coloured walls dazzle against a ‘cabinet of curiosities’ style installation. 

From an umbrella fashioned into a crow to over one hundred plastic objects arranged in the colours of a rainbow, this vibrant and visually immersive exhibition will feature over 70 artworks by internationally renowned artists, many of whose work will be presented in Birmingham for the first time. 

In an increasingly digital age, this exhibition celebrates the material and handmade, looking at how artists have transformed everyday objects in their art. Surrealism used found objects to evoke humour and satire, and Pop Art famously directly appropriated items from popular culture. 

Artists based in Birmingham will feature Chris Clinton, whose paper-coil dartboard artworks ‘Spiderman’ and ‘Nascar #29 Kevin Hardwick’ entered the internationally renowned Arts Council Collection in 2013. New work by Birmingham-based artist Kurt Hickson will also be showcased in this major exhibition.

The playful and vibrant nature of the exhibition can be found rooted in the curious brilliance of the contemporary artworks on display. Tony Cragg’s vivid yet delicate New Stones, Newton’s Tones is a rainbow-toned artwork made up of everyday objects collected by Cragg in just a few hours in May 1978. 

Also featured in the exhibition is Yoko Ono’s All White Chess Set. The all-white chess board is accompanied by white chess pieces, which results in players being unable to remember where their pieces reside on the set as the game unfolds. 

A large-scale striking artwork that will be on display is Hew Locke’s ‘Jungle Queen II’ on loan to Birmingham for the first time from The New Art Gallery Walsall. Hew Locke describes his artistic practice as ‘painting with objects’ and he uses found objects in his artwork to interrogate resonant themes such as the ideas of power, wealth, culture and identity, and what they mean to him. 

Bright colours and the richness of artworks will create an inspiring family-friendly environment for all ages to enjoy and explore. Alongside the exhibition, there will be an innovative and experimental learning programme where families can get practically involved with the processes of creating artworks and transforming everyday objects. 

Zelina Garland-Rowan, Curatorial & Exhibitions Manager at Birmingham Museums Trust, said: “In 2018 the digital world is all-consuming. Our everyday lives have forever been altered by access to an online expanse of data and information which can have both positive and negative effects.

"This exhibition celebrates the physicality of our everyday world through the extraordinary eyes of artists. The objects we might overlook, forget or use as part of our daily routine can be a source of inspiration or intrigue for artists who can help us all to see the world in extraordinary ways.
“The Everyday and Extraordinary celebrates artistic creativity in all its skill, wonder and imagination. Art historically relevant, timely and ambitious, this exhibition is a must-see summer exhibition for all.” 

The Everyday and Extraordianry exhibition is now open at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Find out more here

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