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Sunday, 30 September 2018

REVIEW: Midlands Whisky Festival 2018

Recently, me and Dan headed along to Midlands Whisky Festival. Having heard about the event so much over the past few years, I was keen to go along and see what the fuss was all about! Organised by Stourbridge based wine and spirit merchant Nickolls and Perks, the event took place at THESTUDIO on Cannon Street in Birmingham city centre. 

Upon arrival, we collected our wristbands, dram glasses and a dram token as well as handy list of all the spirits available to taste, and purchase, before making our way into the event. The event took place over two halls and was absolutely packed with whisky connoisseurs! Admittedly, I didn't even know where to start, and not being a huge whisky drinker myself, I was unsure if I was really going to fully enjoy the event.

 Thankfully, there was plenty of bourbons that are more up my street, and a selection of other spirits to try.

My first dram of the day was Michter's Small Batch Kentucky Straight Bourbon, which at first had a huge kick to it, slowly warmed me up and was delicious! 

My second dram of the day was the Tennessee Bourbon Whisky, which was my favourite of the day. It tasted a lot like the smoky flavours I'm normally used to, but a name I had never heard of before. One that will definitely be added to my Christmas list! 

Another favourite of the day was the Whistlepig Straight Rye Whisky. With it's slogan being 'Drink Something Real', that most certainly is what it is! Although it did leave a burn in the throat, it was oaky, smooth and tasty. 

However, the most interesting flavour of the day had to be Glenfiddich's IPA experiment. It had all the smoky and dryness of a traditional whisky, but with a funky hit of IPA-like flavour. 

As well as a whole range of whisky to try and enjoy throughout the day, the event also boasted a variety of masterclasses, expert talks and more. It was also the perfect opportunity for whisky lovers to all come together to discuss their favourite spirit, try something new and discover their new favourite whisky. For whisky lovers, this is the event you simply cannot miss!

Find out more about the event and when it is set to return here


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